Working Committee


The Parishad has established a large campus spread over 7.5 acres of land in the heart of fresh rate colony known as Mayur Vihar Phase- 1, Delhi. It has a permanent office building and residential house for the officers and the employees. Also there is a guest house with sufficient facilities where the elected representatives may stay during their visits to Delhi.
The AIPP has also a rich library on the campus and is aiming at making it a special library on Panchayat Raj in India.


At present, the AIPP is functioning under the able and dynamic leadership of Shri Subodh Kant Sahay, President of AIPP.
He has injected a new life to the AIPP. His Slogan is : AIPP = struggle for achieving the rights of PRIs from the state government as enshrined in the 73” Constitutional Amendment 1993. His today’s priority is to strengthening the AIPP and the State Panchayat Parishad. His leadership has brought continuity and stability to AIPP. He is being assisted by an executive committee consisting of the 31 members.


The AIPP will make an effort to establish an information window of its own office and the offices of State Panchayat Parishad so that the people may know about programmes related to rural development. Organizations of the state and districts levels have to be made more active. Regular publication of Panchayat Sandesh, the monthly journal of AIPP in English and Hindi is to be managed and the target is that each elected member PRIs receives a copy of it’s regularly. A seminar on Decentralization is in pipeline. Also the AIPP has to be made economically viable.
Last but not of least importance is the agenda for establishing training center for the officers, elected representatives of PRIs and NGOs interested in gaining knowledge related to Panchayati Raj in India.